We supply, worldwide, from containerized to Panamax bulk cargoes

We supply, worldwide, from containerized to Panamax bulk cargoes


Through the practical solutions development, we have as our objective to facilitate the commercialization of our clients products and services, consolidating a commercial relation with the buyer abroad. We also provide exportation advisory with quality and excellence, always seeking for the best tributary and logistic solution for our clients. Brazil is one of the world leaders in the field of agricultural products, mainly in the grain field. Being aware of this need and opportunity, we achieve the grain exportation in a modern and effective way meeting the needs of our clients.

Global Ocean Freight Operations

South Agri & Minerals Ocean services

Delivering more than your shipping needs

Achieving operational efficiency and a competitive edge in today’s uncertain and volatile markets requires a partner who can truly understand your challenges and provides the right solutions that reach beyond shipping.
South Agri & Minerals Ocean Transportation brings true value to your business by leveraging more than 20 years of experience in serving the operations of our own organization in uncertain world markets.

South Agri & Minerals Transportation

The partner of choice in dry bulk shipping

We demand high standards of consistency and excellence throughout our operations, from our business practices to our ship survey programs. You can rely on your cargo arriving safely and on time.
As part of the wider South Agri & Minerals logistics network, we can connect you with our extensive logistics and warehousing infrastructure and offer you tailored solutions that go beyond shipping.

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We supply, worldwide, from containerized to Panamax bulk cargoes